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Iyaz DEFENDS Miley!!

May 22, 2010

Iyaz has defended Miley Ray Cyrus’ sexy new look. He told Daily Star: ‘Miley is very normal and would sit in the studio spitting paper at people through a straw. Life is way tougher for her than me. People forget how young she is but they also forget that she’s a human being. If she wants to change her look, she should.

Iyaz recorded a duet with Miley on the last Hannah Montana album: ‘It’s a crazy high energy song which I wrote some of & Miley wrote her part, then the Swedish producers got in on it. I did not think our voices would blend but they did. It’s amazing. Photographers jumped out of a hedge outside the studio when she arrived. I was shocked but that is every day for her, it can be scary stuff.’


Miley Cant be Tamed #1

May 21, 2010

New Miley blog: Thank you guys so much! Can’t be tamed is 1# on iTunes! You guys are sooo amazing! I’m going down to the studio tonight to celebrate the success with my Rock Mafia family!!!! We are all so proud of this song and we are so happy yall like
it! Loveeeeeee!!!!! M X M